918 14th Ave E

Dr. Harry Blackford House

Built: 1952

The Mid-Century House Built for a Doctor

  • Style: Northwest Modern
  • Architect: John C. Rushmore
  • Builder: Warren Meyer

This 1952 house was designed by John C. Rushmore for Dr. Harry Blackford, and it was built by Warren Meyer. The building permit, #415952, is dated August 7, 1952. This single story 33'4"x40'4" house is smaller in scale than most of the neighboring houses, and mostly hidden in foliage.


This house was built for Dr. Harry Blackford when he was 67 years old. Dr. Blackford was born in Lithuania, earned his medical degree at the University of Oregon School of Medicine, and practiced in Seattle for about 40 years. During World War I, Dr. Blackford served in the Medical Corp. Dr. Blackford's specialization was internal medicine. He gave numerous talks about children's health, and visited clinics around the world. Dr. Blackford died in 1959.

John C. Rushmore, who designed this house, was born in Yakima, Washington in 1921. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Washington in 1949. He initially worked at Victor Jones & Associates, and then formed his own architecture firm in 1953 in Bellevue. Rushmore's other designs include the Tradewell in Columbia City and the John Danz Theatre in Bellevue.

Additional Material

Medical Dental Bldg.

Dr. Harry Blackford, the first owner, was one of the initial practitioners at Seattle's landmark Medical Dental Building.

The Architect

The architect, John C. Rushmore, was a practioner of the Northwest Modern style.

Columbia City Tradewell

Rushmore also designed the Columbia City Tradewell, riffing on a design by Welton Becket.

Danz Theatre

Rushmore also designed the John Danz Theatre in Bellevue.

Archive Photo

This 1954 photo is from the Washington State Archives.